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Welcome Back to all the teachers and students!! Everyone is excited to get the new year off to a bright successful beginning.

Dr. Perrigan and the School Board are pleased to announce along with the Board of Supervisors, that a 3% average raise was passed for everyone that is on contract!!

School Board News:

The School Board is excited to announce that Telehealth options through Ballard Health will be
in every school and available to all staff and students! This is similar to in-person urgent care
and will cover health issues such as COVID, Strep and Flu Testing.
The following construction projects of Phase II were approved:
• Secure vestibule at Holston High and Patrick Henry High
• Single user restrooms at Abingdon High and John S. Battle High
• New windows on the front of Holston High and Patrick Henry High.

Here are a couple of policies that were revised that may be of interest:

IGDJA – Eligibility: Athletics
Note: We hope to recommend a similar policy for Extra- and Co-Curricular programs
in the very near future.
IKC – Grade Point Average, Valedictorian and Salutatorian
Note: Valedictorians & Salutatorians will be named at the Career & Technical
Center (WCCTC). By the end of the First 9-weeks, weighted courses at the WCCTC
will be identified to assist students with planning for the 2024-25 school year.

For additional policy revisions you can check them out on our BoardDocs link: