Fifth grade students at Watauga Elementary have been learning about probability. They completed an activity by drawing Starburst flavors out of a bag and writing the probability. Spinners, Dice, and other types of probability were discussed in class. The fifth graders also made a probability line using vocabulary that they learned.   

In Science, our students have been learning about the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Planets. Many have used mnemonic devices to help them remember the order of the planets. They have practiced the order from the sun out. Putting them in order from largest to smallest was also a task. Everyone has enjoyed sharing lots of interesting planet facts with their classmates.  

The fifth grade students will have a lot of exciting events in May. The first event is the DARE picnic on May 12 with the Mega Party to conclude the day. Students will compete in a homeroom versus homeroom kickball tournament on May 15. May 15 will also be a fun afternoon of science with eighth graders from E.B. Stanley. The students will be going to Pins and Friends in Bristol for a celebration of their last year at Watauga as well. The final event in May is their graduation ceremony on May 18. We are so proud of all they have accomplished in their time at Watauga Elementary!