WES Library

Welcome to Watauga Elementary library media center.  The library serves as the heart of the school. The primary goal being to provide an inviting environment for students, faculty, staff, and community which nurtures a love for reading and provides appropriate resources for independent and group learning.


WES Library

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Librarian/Media Specialist:

Dr. Barbara Jones
Email:  bejones@wcs.k12.va.us


Librarian Assistant:   Mrs. Julia Medearis



Check-out Policy:
Students are responsible for books checked out of the library and for any book that becomes lost or damaged.


Curbside Pick up for Virtual Learners
  • How: Watch the video below on how to place books on hold
  • Where: Main office door during school hours
  • When: You will be notified on Dojo when books are ready for pick uppeacefully reading

Online books can be found using the links below!




Links for Student Use:


AR Book Finder

Book Flix 

Username: Wataugawcs

Password:  Bookflix

Career Transitions


Follett Shelf
Username:  guest
Password:   watauga     

Kid InfoBits

RenHome Connect

Tumblebook Library

Login Watauga

Password: Reads

Teaching Books

 Washington County Public Library--Kids & Youth

World Book

Uppercase: WCPS

Lowercase: student